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Academia 400 AF Fragments Guide

These are all fragments for this area. Click Here to go back to the fragments index.

Zenobia Fragment

You automatically get this fragment as the story progresses.

Graviton Core Delta

This fragment can be found at the bottom of the ramp to the north of Chocolina in the New Town area - but you must defeat Zenobia first. Keep jumping down repeatedly to head to the doorway. You also need to use the Moogle Hunt to get it. Collect it to get 500 CP.

Academic Rank: Paradox Professor

Talk to Miss Horizon. She's in the Alley area near Chocolina. This leads you to 11 different fragments. Each time you fully get through a map, you can come back to her and get a fragment. The map must be completed 100%, so for a lot of maps, you have to fully explore them in multiple timelines. Since you need to go to the final map for this quest, you cannot complete it fully until the last episode of the story. Below is a table of how to get the fragments.

Travel Guide: Sunleth WaterscapeExplore the Sunleth Waterscape 100%. You can do this after defeating Mutantomato in 300 AF
Travel Guide: Yaschas MassifVisit 100 AF and 110 AF and fully explore the maps to get this fragment.
Travel Guide: Archylte SteppeDiscover and activate all waystones. Travel around the map, in every nook and cranny, to get 100%
Travel Guide: Augusta TowerFully Explore 200 AF and 300 AF versions of the map. You have to finish all story portions of these times and get the Access Key 13.
Travel Guide: OerbaUnlock the 400 AF version to explore the Ashensand.
Travel Guide: Vile PeaksYou must fully explore the map in the 10 AF version.
Travel Guide: New BodhumFully explore the 003 AF map. You must also fully explore the New Bodhum 700 AF map to get the fragment.
Travel Guide: A Dying WorldVisit the map during the main storyline and then come back to fully explore it.
Travel Guide: Bresha RuinsFully explore the southwest tunnels in 005 AF. Some of the map is also only accessable during the 300 AF time. A small area in the southeast in the Echoes of the Past area is only accessible in 100 AF.
Travel Guide: AcademiaYou need 100% exploration in 4XX AF and 500 AF.
Academia Rank: Paradox ProfessorIf you fully explore all 10 maps, you get your 11th fragment.