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Bresha Ruins 005 AF Fragments Guide

These are all fragments for this area. Click Here to go back to the fragments index.

Delicate Crystal

Get it automatically after completing the Tile Trial when you enter the area.

Atlas Fragment

Kill the weakened version of Atlas during the story visit. This happens automatically.

Unio Mystica

Visit the Echoes of the Past area next to Chocolina and speak to the Captain to begin the quest. He asks you to find two different items. Go back to the Gate and look for a hidden treasure sphere to the west of the entrance. Use Moogle Hunt to find it. The second sphere is located in the first dead end on the east side of the west tunnel. When you take these items back to the Captain, you'll get the fragment plus 100 CP.

Vita Lyrica

To get this fragment, you need to first visit the Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF and obtain the Moogle Throw ability. Once you have it, you need to unlock access to the southwest tunnels. To unlock the tunnels, use the Moogle Throw ability on the north side of the circular shaft in the Excavation site to open a treasure sphere, which has a holding key. Once you do, speak to Morris in the tunnels. Go to the tunnel west of him and use the Moogle Hunt skill to find a phased out treasure sphere. Open it and get the Army Comm Device. Return it and get the fragment plus 200 CP.

Ghast Fragment

Find Chester in the Echoes of the Past area. Fight the Ghast in the tunnels at the far northwest side of the map. Once you defeat it, you get the fragment and 600 CP.

Ars Symphonica

To start this quest, you need to first defeat Atlas and complete the Unio Mystica and Ghast Fragment quests. After, go to the Excavation Site and speak to Cordelia. Visit the control center in the northwest area and use the Moogle Hunt to find a treasure box. Open it to find the item. Return it to the NPC and get the fragment and 100 CP.

Anima Miseria

Before you can do this, you need to defeat Atlas and complete the Unio Mystica, Ars Symphonica and Ghast side quests. You also need to unlock Bresha Ruins 300 AF. Go to the Lamentable Rest area and speak to Jed. Visit the area east of the Chocobo/Lex in Bresha Ruins 300 AF and examine a flower there. You get the Silver Petal. Go back to Bresha Ruins 005 AF and give Jed the item to get the fragment and 200 CP.

Graviton Core Beta

You need to be on a Chocobo to get to this area because it is behind a secret walled in area southeast of the Echoes of the Past Area. You can do this after you have defeated Atlas. Just ride on a chocobo to a ramp on the northwest side of the space. Fly over the barrier with the chocobo. Get off and do a Moogle hunt to find the item.