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Serendipity ??? AFFragments Guide

These are all fragments for this area. Click Here to go back to the fragments index.

Chocochick Down

Visit the Chocobo Racing Reception Hall. Look on the left side for a speech bubble. Examine to find this fragment.

Chaos Crystal

You purchase this for 10,000 coins from the Casino Vendor.

Priceless Gift

This is the item "Just 1 gil!" at the Casino Vendor. You have to purchase it for 9,800 Casino Coins.

Setzer's Dice

Purchase for 10,000 Casino Coins from the Casino Vendor.

Lucky Coin

This fragment will probably take awhile because you have to win a total of 7,777 coins from the slot machine in the Hall of Gaming. This has to be done in one sitting, so you cannot exit the machine. Keep playing until you get a total of 7,777 coins - or until you get the fragment.