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Fragment Skills List

Fragment skills are unlocked once you are able to travel inside of Serendipity. Simply go into the Mystic building and speak to the NPC inside to obtain your first skill. These skills must be activated or deactivated from the "Fragment Skill" section of the main menu. As you collect fragments, you can unlock more skills by speaking to the NPC inside of the Mystic building.

Mog's Manifestation

Requirement: Obtained on your first visit.

This skill gives you an improved version of the Moogle Throw ability. This means Mog will find random items whenever you throw him. Usually it is only around 1 gil or a Potion, but it's still a freebie. However, having Improved Moogle Throw means you can get some interesting monster crystals by throwing Mog. (See the very bottom of this page for more information!)


Requirement: Obtained on your first visit.

Allows you to sell your items to Chocolina for 10% more.

Monster Collector

Requirement: Collect every Fragment in the Vile Peaks 200 AF and 010 AF.

This allows you to catch monsters with a 20% greater chance.

Anti-grav Jump

Requirement: End of Episode 5

Allows the party leader to jump further/float in the air for a short length of time, whenever the jump button is held.

Bargain Hunter

Requirement: End of Episode 5

Decreases the cost of shop items by 25%. This includes both Chocolina and the Casino shop vender.

Encounter Master

Requirement: Collect all fragments in every version of Yaschas Massif and Bresha Ruins 100 AF.

Allows you to control the spawn rate of monsters. You can either set it to increased or decrease chance.

Rolling in CP

Requirement: Collect all fragments in all versions of both Bresha Ruins and Yaschas Massif.

Doubles the amount of CP you gain after a battle.


Requirement: Complete the Paradox Professor sidequest that begins in Academia 400 AF and ends in Academia 500 AF.

Allows you to increase the spawn rate of rare enemies.

Chocobo Music

Requirement: Collect all fragments in the Monster Bits and Bounty Hunter categories. You will have to kill all Achylte Steppe bosses, too.

Allows you to select the music you hear while you ride on a Chocobo.

Paradox Scope

Requirement: Complete the main storyline.

Allows you to unlock Paradox Endings.

Eyes of the Goddess

Requirement: Collect all fragments in New Bodhum 003 AF, Bresha Ruins 005 AF, Yaschas Massif 010 and 01x AF, Oerba 200 AF and Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF.

This skill gives you somewhat limited control of the camera during ingame rendered cutscenes.

Mobile Mog

Requirement: Collect all fragments in every version of Oerba, including the 200 AF Paradox Ending.

Whenever you throw Mog, it reduces the wait time before he returns.

Fiend Killer

Requirement: Collect every fragment in the Great Mog Wisdom and Academic Reward categories.

Allows you to instantly kill weak groups of monsters with a single swipe of the sword - so you do not need to fight weak monsters.

Clock Master

Requirement: Collect every fragment - all 160.

Speeds up the entire game, including cutscenes.


Improved Moogle Throw

When you unlock Improved Moogle Throw, there are a few monster crystals you can snag just by throwing mog to them.

CrystalLocationMore Info
CactuarinaNew Bodhum 003 AFThrow Mog under the gate.
RandgaNew Bodhum 003 AFThrow Mog into the ocean, off the pillar.
LeyakSunleth Waterscape 300 AFThrow mog at the two mini-flan on the animal trail
ChichuArchylte Steppe ??? AFThrow Mog into a patch of red flowers, near a Cactuar Waystone
NanochuArchylte Steppe ??? AFKeep throwing Mog into the small island in the center of Clearwater Marshes until you get it
Silver ChocoboAcademia 4xx AFThrow Mog into the platform under the holographic Cocoon
CactuaramaA Dying World 700 AFKeep throwing Mog next to Chocolina in the Black Sands area until you get it