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Who stalks you through the ages and demands you spend more in her shop? CHOCO-BOCO-LINA! - or just Chocolina, of course! No matter what year you're currently in, she offers goods for every occasion. As you move along the timeline, she'll start carrying new and different items. This page lists them all. However, optional areas are not listed as Chocolina sells all items you have currently unlocked and Gysahl Greens. The tables list additional items, not previously carried in the last timeline - or the ones each timeline unlocks in her shop. Items marked with "Special" are only carried in the specified timeline shop.

Next to "Special" if something is listed, that means you must reach that point of the story before she'll begin selling those items. For example, if it says "post-story," it means she won't sell those items until you've beaten the main storyline of the game. Or, if it says something like "Yaschas Massif 01x AF," she will sell these items after you have visited the specified location.

Bresha Ruins 005 AF

Phoenix Down1600
Howling Soul960
Iron Bangle300
Black Belt500
Rune Bracelet500
Star Pendant650
Pearl Necklace650
Warding Tailisman650
Potent Droplet80
Potent Bolt80
Gyshal Greens300
Special Items
General's Belt1800
Witch's Bracelet1800
Delicate Royal Armlet2500
Durable Royal Armlet7500
Delicate Entite Ring6000
Durable Entite Ring6000
Mint Chip Ice Cream500
Strawberry Ice Cream500
Rum Raisin Ice Cream500
Chef's Hat1000

Yaschas Massif 010 AF

Wound Potion300
Holy Water100
Lunar Stinger2000
Volaite Spark2000
Amazon Bow780
Survivor's Edge780
Faerie's Bow780
Rune Tooth780
Power Wristband1000
Magician's Mark1000
Metal Armband650
Serenity Sachet650
Delicate Iron Bangle450
Durable Iron Bangle150
Delicate Black Belt750
Durable Black Belt250
Delicate Rune Bracelet750
Durable Rune Bracelet250
Power Droplet80
Power Bolt80
Mana Droplet80
Mana Bolt90
Vitality Droplet80
Vitality Bolt80

Yaschas Massif 01x AF

Special Items
Silver Bangle500
Brawler's Wristband4000
Shaman's Mark4000
Durable Kaiser Knuckles18000
Durable Magistral Crest18000

Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF

Frost Ring1000
Spark Ring1000
Zephyr Ring1000
Blaze Ring4200
Icicle Ring4200
Fulmen Ring4200
Gale Ring4200
Special Items (Post-Story)
Delicate Fire Aegis5000
Delicate Ice Aegis5000
Delicate Wind Aegis5000
Mog Mask10000
Retro Lightning Mask10000
Retro Mog Mask10000

Academia 400 AF

Raging Arc4500
Blazing Spirit4500
Fellowship Arc1520
Avenger's Edge1520
Rune Feather1520
Delicate Silver Bangle750
Durable Silver Bangle250
Power Sliver400
Mana Sliver400
Vitality Sliver400
Power Chip400
Mana Chip400
Vitality Chip400
Special Items
Guardian Amulet2200
Delicate Guardian Amulet1100
Auric Amulet2200
Delicate Auric Amulet1100
Watchman's Amulet2200
Delicate Watchman's Amulet1100
Hero's Amulet2200
Delicate Hero's Amulet1100
Saint's Amulet2200
Delicate Saint's Amulet1100
Zealot's Amulet2200
Delicate Zealot's Amulet1100

Augusta Tower 200 AF

Delicate Spark Ring1500
Durable Spark Ring500
Delicate Zephyr Ring1500
Durable Zephyr Ring500
Special Items
Sniper's Eye2200
Delicate Sniper's Eye1100
Twist Headband2200
Delicate Twist Headband1100
Delicate Bloodguard1100

Academia 500 AF

Fatal Barb5200
Euryto's Bow5200
Delicate Gold Bangle6300
Durable Gold Bangle2100
Delicate Blaze Ring6300
Durable Blaze Ring2100
Delicate Icicle Ring6300
Durable Icicle Ring2100
Delicate Fulmen Ring6300
Durable Fulmen Ring2100
Delicate Gale Ring6300
Durable Gale Ring2100
Delicate Brawler's Wristband6000
Durable Brawler's Wristband2000
Durable Shaman's Mark2000
Delicate Pain Dampener325
Delicate White Cape325
Delicate Obsidian Choker325
Power Orb800
Mana Orb800
Vitality Orb800
Power Essence2600
Mana Essence2600
Vitality Essence2500
Power Engine800
Mana Engine800
Vitality Engine800
Power Booster2600
Mana Booster2600
Vitality Booster2600
Special Items
Long Gui Backpack300
Musical Bell300
Special Items (Post-story)
Mac an Luin80000
Arcus Chronica150000
In Paradisum150000
Potent Crystal8000
Potent Generator8000

Oerba 200 AF

Delicate Power Wristband1,500
Durable Power Wristband500
Delicate Magician's Wristband1500
Durable Magician's Mark500
Delicate Metal Armband325
Delicate Serenity Sachet325
Delicate Star Pendant325
Delicate Pearl Necklace325
Delicate Warding Talisman325
Special Items
Delicate Hypnocrown4000
Fairy Wings100
Red Propeller500
Headdress of Courage300
Youthful Parasol300
Sentimental Parasol300
Gold Padlock300
Crimson Flower300
Pink Flower300
Purple Flower300
White Tree300
Festive Tree300

Archylte Steppe ??? AF

Delicate Ember Ring1500
Durable Ember Ring500
Delicate Frost Ring1500
Durable Frost Ring500
Special Items
Gyshal Greens300
Durable Star Pendant1300
Durable Pearl Necklace1300
Durable Warding Talisman1300
Durable Hypnocrown16000
Durable Grimoire Hat20000
Special Items (Yaschas Massif 01x AF)
Durable Metal Armband1300
Durable Serenity Sachet1300
Special Items (Augusta Tower 200 AF)
Durable Guardian Amulet4400
Durable Watchman's Amulet4400
Durable Auric Amulet4400
Durable Hero's Amulet4400
Durable Saint's Amulet4400
Durable Zealot's Amulet4400
Special Items (Academia 4xx AF)
Durable Sniper's Eye4400
Durable Twist Headband4400
Durable Bloodguard4400
Special Items (Academia 500 AF)
Durable Obsidian Choker1300
Durable White Cape1300
Durable Pain Dampener1300
Special Items (Post-story)
Delicate Collector Catalog20000
Durable Collector Catalog40000
Delicate Hermes Sandals10000
Durable Hermes Sandals40000
Delicate Ribbon10000

A Dying World 700 AF

Angel's Bow2280
Nomad's Machete2280
Pain Dampener650
White Cape650
Obsidian Choker650

Academia 4xx AF

Delicate General's Belt2700
Durable General's Belt900
Delicate Witch's Bracelet2700
Durable Witch's Bracelet900
Special Items
Guardian Amulet2200
Delicate Guardian Amulet1100
Auric Amulet2200
Delicate Auric Amulet1100
Watchman's Amulet2200
Delicate Watchman's Amulet1100
Hero's Amulet2200
Delicate Hero's Amulet1100
Saint's Amulet2200
Delicate Saint's Amulet1100
Zealot's Amulet2200
Delicate Zealot's Amulet1100
Pink Tattoo300
Green NORA Symbol300
Lower Rank Insignia500
Gold Brooch500
Guard's Medic Badge3000
Upper Rank Insignia500
PSICOM Officer Pin500

Serendipidy ??? AF - uses Coins

Wild Artifact10000
Shuffle Common200
Shuffle Graded200
Phoenix Down400
Unicorn Horn1600
Phoenix Blood1600
Summoner's Mask5000
Party Hat10000
Shooting Star1000
Black-Rimmed Glasses3000
Pink-Rimmed Glasses3000
Long Gui's Shell3000
Bunny Ears10000
Red Mage's Chapeau10000
Queen's Mask3000
Gold Shades3000
Violet Shades3000
Chaos Crystal10000
Just 1 Gil9800
Setzer's Dice10000